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My Photos Are Not So Beautiful, What Can I Do?

Every once and a while, our photography magic misses the mark. We try really hard to be consistent every time. However, we are human, so what we do for our customers is...take care of them!

This is the process to ensure we can fix them:

  • First, let's figure our what is keeping them from being up to standard
  • Second, we determine whether the photography can be fixed, or if it needs to be retaken
  • Third, we take the steps necessary to ensure that each shoot produces beautiful photography

There are several ways to get started fixing your photography:

  • Let us know what needs to be changed by submitting an online form here
  • Send us an email detailing the issue to support@obeo.com
  • Call us so we can discuss the best options 800.729.6236

Once we have received your request, we will review the photography to find the best method to get them up to standard.  Most images can be fixed quickly by our processing team, but there are times when a reshoot might be the best option. Whatever the decision, we will work to get the process completed ASAP.





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