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How do I Organize My Photos on the Tour?

Organizing your photos is easier than ever with our new Photo Management Tool.

How to get to the tool:

  1. Log into your Member's Area
  2. Select the Tour you desire to edit from the Step 1 drop down menu
  3. Choose Organize Photos from the Step 2 drop down menu
  4. Click the Go button

Within the Photo Management Tool you can perform many functions:

  • Organize photos by dragging and dropping them into the desired order (from left to right by descending row).
  • The Main Exterior photo can be changed by moving it to another position. Whichever photo is first in order will become the Main Exterior photo.
  • Delete photos by checking the box in the upper right hand corner of the photo (s) and then clicking the “Save Changes” button
  • Rename photos by clicking on the current name, typing in the desired change and then clicking the “Save Changes” button.
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