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My MLS Status Changed, Now My Tour is Inactive

PROBLEM: Obeo tour goes inactive when the listing status changes in the MLS to sale pending, escrow or another similar status.

WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN: The status change causes the MLS to stop sending us data for that listing. When this happens, our system will make the tour inactive by design.

SOLUTION: On the day the status changes in the MLS, the agent should login to Obeo and remove the MLS number from the tour. This will stop the tour from dropping automatically when we get the MLS data without the listing. If the Obeo tour is already inactive, you can still remove the MLS number and click the button to reactivate the tour. The tour will remain active until it expires 1 year from the order date.

NOTE: If a new MLS number is entered in the tour and this listing is found in the MLS data we receive, we will continue to sync the data with the MLS as normal and also deactivate the tour when that MLS# goes pending/sold.

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