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Realtor.com - Updating your MLS number and Zip Code

In order for tours to post to Realtor.com correctly the MLS number and Zip Code have to match.  

Here are the steps to add the MLS number to your tour:

  • Log into your Obeo Member's Area
  • On the Home screen locate the Manage Virtual Tours section

  • Choose the tour you would like to edit from the Select Tour dropdown menu
  • Choose Edit Tour from the Select Action dropdown menu
  • On the "General Details" of the tour type in the correct MLS number

  • Verify the Zip code for the property is correct

  • Once the MLS number has been entered in correctly and the Zip code has been verified, click the Save Changes button

Information is sent from our system to Realtor.com on a nightly basis.  Your tour should be active by the end of the next business day.  

If your tour is still not active at Realtor.com by the end of the next business day, please let us know:

  • Via online form here
  • Send us an email to support@obeo.com
  • Call us 800.729.6236
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